Many audio companies have an extensive and diverse range of badging and labeling requirements. Our market leading range of solutions means we are ideally placed to deliver products that suit all audio equipment.

We have produced labels, badges, and nameplates for all areas of the industry, from speaker cabinets and hi-fi enclosures to music production mixing desks. Our experience in branding audio products includes loudspeakers to high definition speakers for live music arenas and in-car audio systems.

Our solutions include the ability to maintain incredibly accurate definition, even on labels that need to fit into a small space, as well as outstanding durability that withstands movement and on-going use.

Our audio specialist team has worked with some of the largest audio equipment companies in the world to design and produce bespoke badges, labels, nameplates, and overlays. We offer advice on the most suitable materials, process and finishes to ensure your labeling reflects the style and quality of your audio equipment.